New Fighter Tips

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New Fighter Tips

Post  Catyrial on Wed Mar 21, 2012 11:29 pm

Not sure where guides and helpful info stuff would go, so posting here. Copying over and editing a post I made in a different forum:

These are a few basic combat tips and tricks that came to mind.


Equipment: Here's a starter list of recommended equipment.
--Pouches: Get this scholarship ability, it is a must. You could alternately store herbs/poisons in boxes, but they're inconvenient and unreliable. For starters, I recommend getting darsurion, malloran, megillos, iorthir, tyrlar and/or lestagii, sata, denallo, athillias, witan, and maybe quarri. For poisons, you could try jegga, resik, quirrog, and kly. (You will need around 11 pouches to hold all herb and poisons types.)
--Charms: Charms are items imbued with a spell, anyone can use these. Mages and Seers do not need the items, but items will usually be much more potent. I recommend: healhand, handburn, web, pentacle, sleep, and nullify if you're not a knight.
--Armour: Get platemail, arm greaves, shield, and/or leg greaves - until you're up to 95% strike reduction as it shows up in "defenses". Also find your nearest armoursmith and make sure to repair your armour every so often to prevent breaking.
--Potions: Allheale, health, and mana. If you're not overwhelmed, grab resurrection, invisibility, diffusion, fire resist, immunity too.
--Runes: Talisman, charm. These are passive, non-activated, worn magical defence and boost. Most runes are activated.
--Other useful items: 2 pipes, tinderbox to light the pipes, clothing to stay warm, pack, sack, bucket with freshwater, light source, at least one box, crucifix.

Also, attach an oval rune to everything you hold (except herbs and other transients) and wear. For swords, pack, sack, boxes, and runes you drop on the ground, attach oval and flake.

-Items you should hold in your hands: Athillias, denallo, witan, tyrlar/lestagii, sata, and possibly quarri herbs. Health, allheale, diffusion, invisibility, mana potions. Bucket, which should also be ovaled and flaked. 2 pipes - malloran, megillos.

Again, this is a starter list, by no means complete. HELP HERBLIST, HELP POISONLIST, HELP RUNES, HELP CHARMS in game will show you some of what is out there.

-Web: The web charm will trap the target in your location and limit many actions. Web + handburn or just web in general tends to kill off little people rather quickly. Pentacle is a good defence against it. After you get it, I suggest an alias like this: outp quarri, struggle, apply quarri, turn off triggers (if you're using a client and triggers). Quarri alkar will give you protection against most aggressive actions, but most actions will break it. For the quarri/struggle alias, I personally just click the little gun icon on the right bottom corner of zMud to turn off triggers.

-Sata herb: Sata has several different uses. It can cancel levitation, and enables you to BLOCK, BARGE, and ROLL. Sata is the main reason I don't generally recommend getting the rolling ability in Survival right away. Blocking directions is good to keep your opponent from running, at least in that direction. Blocking this way wears off when you try to move or when sata is gone. Rolling is great for getting away from block, or aggressive CCCs. Sata's also good for icewalls. Make an alias to barge in all directions if there's more than one icewall. It'll hurt you a bit, so be careful there, but icewalls will be gone.

-One last bit directed at knights: If you're really small, ie without JJ, use something like this - SR, Jab target, SL, Jab target. This imitates JJ by jabbing twice very quickly. SR is 'strike right', SL is 'strike left'.

-Spam: A few options to help with the speedily scrolling text: "BRIEF" will make long descriptions disappear when moving between rooms (VERBOSE to cancel). "FVB" will shorten most messages, "FB" is another option. "CONCENTRATE" makes you focus primarily on your own combat ("RELAX" to cancel). With a client, you can also gag (zMud) text you think is not useful, or highlight/colour text to make it more noticeable.

I'll leave it at that for now. Questions and comments welcome. Feel free to contribute too, just try to keep things basic/beginner.

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Re: New Fighter Tips

Post  Krysanth on Sat Mar 24, 2012 12:44 pm

Thank you! This if very helpeful! Very Happy

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