FA vs Legends 2011

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FA vs Legends 2011

Post  Bodhin on Mon Feb 21, 2011 12:55 pm

In game, my character hears rumors of some parallel universe that looks a lot like our world but is vastly more crowded and complicated. Bodhin even hears rumors that some have projected themselves into that future world, people like Zooka and Catyrial. Bodhin is not sure what to make of these stories. There are all kinds of magicks at work in the land -- who is to say time travel and parallel universes are not possible?

Out of game, I have tried both Avalons, as have many of us. I would be interested in comments about which you prefer and why.

Personally, I lean FA, even though it is so sparsely populated these days. Legends is so crowded and life there is so complicated. It really became tiresome playing there. FA is sometimes a bit dull, and sometimes the vault runs out of money which means I can't take gold out of the guild account, but overall I have time and space to learn my skills and try them out and explore the land and its quests.

What do you think?
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Post  Catyrial on Thu Feb 24, 2011 8:18 pm

From my experience both as a little person and recent Princess in Legends:

I thought Legends was a mess when I first joined. The Deputy guildmaster of the Loremasters guild was the Parrian Princess, there were Necromancers in Mercinae, Thakrian Artisans, and Animists had a say in Thakrian affairs. Not to mention various Order loyalties. There was a Mercinaen tutor of the Artisans' guild (who was enemied to Thakria) coming into Thakria to teach a new Thakrian Artisan. Maybe it was just so ingrained in me that enemy = dead, so I was very confused for a while. That's only a small part of the insanity, I could rant for a while.

Things have calmed down a bit since then, about a year ago, but Legends is definitely chaotic in comparison. You can toss clear-cut and simple out the window, and be sure nearly everyone's scheming for something - usually more than one thing.

FA is considerably quieter, however, that's the only potential good thing I see. There are bugs galore, but less work put into it - sure, plenty of bugs in Legends too, but at least you can see someone's working on something all the time. I used to like FA for keeping to the "old ways", but it's not really doing that, is it? With crowned ults, random skill additions, tweaks to the mechanics - might as well take it all in and go to Legends, where these new abilities are also being balanced (or an attempt at it's being made anyways).

There's also plenty of ways to get some peace and quiet in Legends. Unless you're being harassed by a god. And there's lots more gods. Anyways, I like Legends now. I wasn't willing to accept to change before, but now, it makes things interesting. All I was doing was upholding the status quo in FA anyways.

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Re: FA vs Legends 2011

Post  malebolgia on Fri Feb 25, 2011 3:34 pm

I agree with Catyrial although it pains me that she went to the dark dark side *grin*

To be honest, FA is dead and has been dead for quite sometime now. If you are a really sociable person, then Legends is the place to be. There are plenty of character interaction, plots, conspiracies and more.

In my case, I rather take the quiet days of FA as I can't really stand all the social nuances of a busy realm, but in terms of action I do sure miss the stronger fighters that are gone now (arguably fighting in Legends).

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Re: FA vs Legends 2011

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