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Post  Bodhin on Sun Jan 02, 2011 3:42 pm

Anyone got a script for making the trip to Azrili. It's been a while and I've forgotten how to get there.
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Re: Azrili

Post  Mysterin on Sun Jan 02, 2011 8:08 pm

I don't have a script... can give directions from the Crossroads of Snowfoot though -

W, SW, SW, W, W, N, N, NE, NE, E, NE, N, N, NW, NW, SW, SE, E, E, SE

This should put you in Ruined Cabin in Forest.
DIG to get the axe.

NW, W, N (Forested Promontory)

(West of Island in Lake) E

(Chamber beneath the Island) D, D

From here, choose any direction, and just spam it until you either get to Subterranean Lake or Labyrinth End.
If you end up at Subterranean Lake, choose a new direction and spam it until you get to Labyrinth End.

(Labyrinth End) N, U (these directions might change slightly, but there are only two exits on each room, so just follow the exits and till you get to Top of Dark Stairway)
PUSH BRICK entering Azrili. exit Azrili (from By the Fountain):

E, SE, S, S, S, S, E (Hut Hung with Tapestries)

(Secret stairs beneath the Azrili valley) SE, D, E

(Cave above shaft)

(Cavern with Entrance) W, W, SW, S, S, SE, S, SW, SE, SE, S, S, SW, W, SW, SW, S, S, E, E, NE, NE, E
Should put you back at Crossroads of Snowfoot.

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