Professions, Guilds, & Their Relationship to the Cities

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Professions, Guilds, & Their Relationship to the Cities

Post  Mysterin on Fri Jun 11, 2010 6:08 pm

Largely, the main choice you need to make before choosing a guild, is what city you find yourself most aligned with.
Parrius tends to be neutral aligned, every citizen is their own voice and chooses their own friends and enemies, regardless of city.
Mercinae is aligned towards light, truth and justice.
Thakria is generally considered more evil, however they are well known for victory and their prowess as accomplished fighters.

There are NINE professions in Avalon - each profession has a unique set of new skills to go with them, and they are as follows:
Knight - Chivalry, Endurance, Trapping
Mage - Charming, Rituals, Candescence, Herbs (up to Grand Master), Music (up to Grand Master)
Loremaster - Alchemy, Elixirs, Runes, Forging
Sorcerer - Demonology, Evocation, Necromancy
Bard - Voice, Dramatics, Music, Songs
Thief - Trapping, Poisons, Thievery, Stealth
Seer - Farsight, Fatalism, Mysticism, Charming (up to Grand Master), Stealth (up to Grand Master)
Ranger - Herbs, Poisons, Forestry
Druid - Herbs, Poisons, Naturalism
(Note: The skills are somewhat incomplete... will update ASAP)

Having a city chosen, as well as the profession you want to be a part of will greatly help narrow the choices. Below is a list of the guilds, which profession they are apart of, and which city they are aligned to:
Warriors - Knight Profession - Parrius
Cavaliers - Knight Profession - Thakria
Knights - Knight Profession - Mercinae
Enchanters - Mage Profession - Parrius
Mages - Mage Profession - Mercinae
Artisans - Loremaster Profession - Parrius
Loremasters - Loremaster Profession - Thakria
Alchemists - Loremaster Profession - Mercinae
Astrologers - Seer Profession - Parrius
Seers - Seer Profession - Thakria
Mystics - Seer Profession - Mercinae
Minstrels - Bard Profession - Parrius
Bards - Bard Profession - Mercinae
Thieves - Thief Profession - Thakria/Neutral
Brigands - Thief Profession - Parrius/Mercinae
Sorcerers - Sorcerer Profession - Thakria
Animists - Druid Profession - Neutral
Rangers - Ranger Profession - Neutral

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Re: Professions, Guilds, & Their Relationship to the Cities

Post  Borrak on Sat Jun 12, 2010 9:11 pm

Correction, Brigands are alligned with Parrius AND Mercinae. But the best come from parrius, ecspecially their devilishly good looking GuildMaster

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