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This section will cover some of the questions most often asked by new comers.
Note: Anything inside <brackets> is text that you will need to change.

Where are the pictures?!!
There are no pictures in this game! Avalon is a Text Based MMORPG (Massively Multi-player Online Role Playing Game). For most people, this is a completely different experience, and a lot of people run away at the thought of so much text. But you should give it a chance! It is much more interactive than many games you have played with pictures - from tons of guilds and skills to choose from and learn - picking fights and battling with other characters - or for the more mellow, you can spend your life doing non-hostile quests. There is something for everyone in Avalon.

When can I start playing?
You probably *are* playing already, unless you are in the REGISTER section! If nothing is happening, have patience - a sage or other guide will probably appear and give you the next instruction. You can also type ADVICE and REMEMBER at any point if you don't know what to do next.

How do I save and/or pause the game?
You don't! This is a real time game... when you quit, your character will automatically be saved. There is no pausing the game, you can leave your computer and go AFK but you will run the risk of being attacked. Once you permanently join Avalon, you will be able to access the BB (Bulletin Board) which is where many people go to temporarily idle from their computer.

Why won't the adventurer answer my question?
The adventurer is what we call a CCC (Computer Controlled Character). You will encounter many CCC's in the land of Avalon, and they all serve a different purpose. They are not able to directly respond to your questions, however. Instead, try typing CW and then TELL <name of someone on the CW list> <your text/question>. Anyone on the CW list is a real human player and will be able to understand it and intelligently answer you.

How do I find the school?
There are a number of ways to find the school - you can type CALL FOR HELP, or try FIND SCHOOL, and possibly MAPS. If none of these are helping, you can always send a TELL to someone on the CW list (see above question). If you are in the academy, you can type ACADEMY or INSTITUTE from anywhere in Avalon and immediately be taken back to your city's academy.

I've completed my quest, but I can't request another. Why?
Did you turn your last quest in? Try typing SUCCESS in front of the School Master. If that doesn't help, make sure you are typing REQUEST. And if that still doesn't help, try DEMAND.

Wow! How did you find that so fast?!
A number of players you encounter in Avalon have been playing for actual years. Some of us have mental maps of where everything is, others of us have hand drawn our own maps or taken notes to remember where things are. You will learn the general layout of Avalon after you play for a little while.

How do I find herbs and poisons?
While standing in a location, simply type HERBS or POISONS.

How do I pick the herbs and poisons?
The syntax is PICK <poison/herb name>.

Why do names show up in different colors when I type WHO?
Light blue are regular, mortal players, that are subscribed and have been playing Avalon for some time.
Dark blue are new characters.
Bold and light blue are deities.

Is there a fee?

Yes. You get a rather large number of trial hours, then you will have to decide if it's worth it to pay or not... Please make sure to read all of the following help files.

The following are charges for those paying with Cash, Check, or Credit Card:
15 GB Pound / E25 Euros / $29 US per ONE Month (NEW PLAYERS GET A DISCOUNT RATE)
You can talk to GENESIS about subscribing for longer periods of time.

If you pay using Paypal, you will get a much better rate:
11 UK Pounds / $6 US for one month
31 UK Pounds / $16 US for three months
Again, talk to GENESIS about longer subscription periods.

I can not emphasize how much of a good idea it is to TALK TO GENESIS before subscribing. He can answer questions and help you out.

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