What to do with lessons?

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What to do with lessons?

Post  Aseir on Tue Mar 09, 2010 6:43 pm

I have 50 lessons right now but how do you use them? id like to get stronger as even the giant boar own me right now

Also ways to get gold? so far the only gold i got in this game was when i was collecting tithes as a disciple of the school

sorry for all the questions rabbit


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Re: What to do with lessons?

Post  Moonflight on Wed Mar 10, 2010 5:20 am

Well, first things first, assuming you've finished school now - you need to join a guild before you spend any lessons.

Reason for this being, is when you join a guild, you gain more skills, and you're better off raising those first. So, I'd advise looking at HELP GUILDS, followed by HELP <guild name> to get an overview about those guilds. Feel free to ask around in-game if you have questions about joining one, I'm sure someone will be happy to answer them Wink

As for boars and getting stronger - that will come, in time. Not sure I've ever seem someone of your level kill an animal, so I think the hunter course is a bit of a con - I know a rabbit killed me when I tried it Razz

But, I digress - there are a few ways to make gold. The easiest way is doing quests - again, I'd advise asking someone in-game so that they can show you a few (We don't bite... Well, most of us Very Happy ) There's a few hints here to get you started - Mysterin's first list contains the best ones to start with.

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Re: What to do with lessons?

Post  Mysterin on Mon Mar 22, 2010 10:30 am

All the information Moonflight provided should help you... aside from the list of gold quests, you can also pick up random objects you find around the land and sell them to a certain CCC in your city.

In Parrius, NE of Hellespont square is where we can sell items.
In Thakria, it is the CCC in Dalgar's Pawnshop (I think that's the name, I'm not in-game right now so can't verify).
I can't remember where it is in Mercinae.

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Re: What to do with lessons?

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