Treatise on Parrian Citizenship

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Treatise on Parrian Citizenship

Post  Bodhin on Sun Dec 14, 2008 9:36 am

(This document has been posted in Hellespont Square for public viewing. Perhaps other cities can post their constitutions or declarations, if they exist...?)

Articles of Citizenship


Parrius conforms to no known standard or evaluation. Her protean
character may be most closely described as intelligent anarchy. She does
not submit to something so simple as mindless chaos. Her madness is too
complex to be quantified, indexed and systematized -- these Articles of
Citizenship can only intimate the true nature of Her and Her citizens.

With each citizen exercising independent action, secretly
motivated and unpredictable, Parrius escapes definition. This is as it
should be. She cannot and will not advocate any form of morality, and so
aligns Herself with no one. Her citizens freely and independently act as
they desire, responsible only to themselves. Yet within the maelstrom of
Her wild society, there is definite structure.


She has evolved as a city and therefore must have some force which
can command, inspire and explain, but it is recognized that each man is a
baron unto himself, and rather than being a 'commoner', is in fact just a
baron not in power. Despite title, all are equal among each other, and so
barony is a decision of purpose rather than worth. For this same reason,
the City's citizens are expected to understand the tactics of warfare, the
intricacies of government and the tricks of finance. A whole populace
aware of each act of its individual parts is a frightful thing indeed. A
baron may loan city money to individuals for personal use, legions may be
devolved, treaties signed by 'commoners'... Because they are all aware.


Her citizens are Her strength. Each citizen holds true allegiance
only to himself and, in doing so, to the ideals of Parrius. He may side or
hate who he will. He fights who he will. He stands firm against the
opinions of others, including citizens and Superiors, though by no means
will he do this irrationally or disrespectfully. He has guile and most
likely he is wildly unpredictable. He embraces the anarchy which is his
city and takes it to heart because he knows that here he has the most
freedom, so long as his personality is strong -- if he becomes mentally
weak, the anarchy will consume him and he will go astray. Therefore, he
must have conviction and meaning. He knows that it is all too easy to find
the 'what' and very difficult to find the 'why'; things like possessions,
people and relationships, will vanish with time, but reasons are eternal.
When he finds his reason, his 'why', he will never forget it. Then he is
truly Parrian!


Parrians are constant fighters. They fight Outsiders, fellow
citizens, personal enemies, anyone who provides fruitful combat. They
fight for their own reasons and they never stop fighting. Maybe they love
the Fight, maybe they seek excellence, maybe they see the Fight as a
symbol of the truth of their ideals; nevertheless, they never stop. Death
is not failure but a strength if they learn from it; this is why they are
always stronger with every loss. Even without possessions, money and air
to breathe, they fight, because they know that real failure is when you
stop, when you say you have been worn out, when you feel you have nothing
left with which to fight. They know that when all else is gone, resolve is
still a weapon, and that can never be taken away from them. A vendetta
issued by a Parrian will never end; it is a test of their strength of
character. In spare moments, they will devise cunning techniques, seek to
know all the secrets of combat no matter how insignificant, constantly try
to innovate, and never let the innovation go untested for more than a day.
When their normal foes tire or disappear, they will engage fellow citizens
and practise. Parrians never stop.

Parrians are also perfectionists in battle. From a young age they
follow the golden rules of combat: begin fighting only by healing your
wounds to stay alive; then, only by healing wounds and curing afflictions;
then, only by healing, curing and moving; then only by healing, curing,
moving and removing your opponent's defences; then, and only then, begin
fighting with attacks. They move up each stage in the golden rules almost
religiously, knowing when they have trained their reflexes. They do this
because the golden rules have ensured the survival of even the youngest,
least adept Parrians.

Know that citizenship in Parrius is an honour, not a right. To be among
their few elite, you implicitly pledge your life to excellence and so to
the brilliance of Parrius. She is vengeful and calculating, foresighted
and powerful, and above all persistent, because the Beast of Avalon is and
inhabits each and every Parrian.

Now, dear Citizens, fight with the strength of a City!
Baron (Parrius)

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