Items for the Fighting Newbie

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Items for the Fighting Newbie

Post  Mysterin on Tue Sep 09, 2008 11:42 pm

Items to invest in when you're getting ready to learn how to fight.

Item Charged with Web - When pointed at your enemy, it will entangle them in a messy web that they have to struggle out of.
Pouches and Herbs - You will need the skill of POUCHES in scholarship to use these, however there are many herbs that will cure you from various afflictions that you may come across in a fight.
[3] Pipes - One for the megillos herb, one for arkasu, and one for malloran.
Item Charged with Healhand - Will restore a portion of your health.

Some potions that will help are...
(Green) Mana Potion - Restores a portion of your mana.
(Magenta) Diffusion Potion - Prevents you from being summoned.
(Vermillion) Immunity Potion - Protects you from some poisons.

Depending on your profession...
Knights will probably want a sword of sorts. That does tend to be their main attack!

Seers might want to invest in a few waxes. Won't get very far trying to use mysticism without a wax.

(Incomplete list, feel free to add)

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